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In School

Redesign for INmySchool Project - educational Mobile App for schools, teachers, students and parents of the state of Indiana.

In School

Emoticons Story

App prototype design for text translation into graphic stickers in the form of Emoticons Story

GetTechs website

GetTechs website

Website design for GetTechs.com - an all-in-one US service company specialized in repair or install security cameras, alarm systems, business phone systems and more.


SingldOut is an exclusive dating website connecting single professionals via LinkedIn. The project goal was a complex website update. State-of-the-art design, responsiveness and ease of use are the result of coordinated team work. Learn more »

Fashion is an Art

Fashion is an Art

Website for fashion and accessories designers, photographers, artists to publish their works, commulicate, follow each other. The logo was made in author's technique of calligraphy.


Intellexer WebSite

Corporate website for sematic software products line. Complex ecommerce solution with could services, customers support and online API functionality.

BHA Hotel: Oblako

Website and interface development for a hotel search and reservation system.

Bookmark Manager

The project goal was the development of interface design with a set of unique icons. The design for the app's promotion website was also worked out.

Intellexer Summarizer for Iphone

Intellexer Summarizer is an easy-to-use iPhone application for search and alalysis of a big ampunt of information. The software allows improving web surfing and collecting necessary information and to reduce internet traffic and work time.

Meet up

Design concept for an online dating app.
To accentuate the feelings of art and create friendly atmosphere in communication with new people, violet color and rounded shapes were applied.

GameIn 30

The project objective is game redesign and rescreen. As the target audience is children, the style was agreed to be cartoonish.

GameIn 30 GameIn 30

Mark Recorder

Mark Recorder is an advanced audio recorder application.It allows you to mark specific places during recording so that you can quickly find and listen to them later.