UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Your product success depends not only on its functionality and appearance, but mostly on how well it interacts with your customers (end-users). Our team of designers create simple, high functional and appealing user interfaces working on your software apps and websites to get the best UI design solutions.

Our range of UI/UX design services include:

Our Projects

Ship Ahoy

App design concept for a boat rental company. The main goal of this project was to develop a concept that would match the company's website design.

Vehicle sensor hub prototype

Modern cars will operate as mobile hubs for multiple applications ranging from last mile delivery to e-grocery. In many cases these cars will be a natural mobile extension to large-scale logistics systems or similar hubs. Our goal was to create mobile UI for sensor hubs and thus resolve one of the biggest automobile concerns in the world.

In School

Redesign for INmySchool Project - educational Mobile App for schools, teachers, students and parents of the state of Indiana.

In School

Emoticons Story

App prototype design for text translation into graphic stickers in the form of Emoticons Story

Conceptmeister iPhone App

CONCEPTMEISTER – a time saving tool for students and everyone who has to read a lot. You no longer need to read the whole article. This tool will do it for you. It singles out the most important ideas of the text and shows them in form of concepts with related sentences.

"Urgent Extra Care" Client App

UX/UI development for a complex medical project . The interface is simple and clear, so the app is easy to use.

Financial mobile App - Prototype

Design concept for money sharing service.

AUVISNO mobile App

AUVISNO - audio - visual notebook for professionals.

Mark Recorder

Mark Recorder is an advanced audio recorder application.It allows you to mark specific places during recording so that you can quickly find and listen to them later.

Bookmark Manager

The project goal was the development of interface design with a set of unique icons. The design for the app's promotion website was also worked out.

Intellexer Summarizer for Iphone

Intellexer Summarizer is an easy-to-use iPhone application for search and alalysis of a big ampunt of information. The software allows improving web surfing and collecting necessary information and to reduce internet traffic and work time.

Meet up

Design concept for an online dating app.
To accentuate the feelings of art and create friendly atmosphere in communication with new people, violet color and rounded shapes were applied.

GameIn 30

The project objective is game redesign and rescreen. As the target audience is children, the style was agreed to be cartoonish.

GameIn 30 GameIn 30

Why Us?

The result of our work is improved software usability and positive user experience. We thoroughly analyze your business and customers, creating UX according to the latest proven strategies. Hence, it will help you reduce the development time and costs, while appreciably increasing the ROI and business development rate.

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